Are you battling with fear, defeat, or lack? These are giants of destruction!

Steve Ball’s latest book release, Secrets Of A Giant Killer exposes the tactics and battle strategies of evil spirits, once used in giants. Secular and Biblical history records the existence of giants that once roamed the earth. From Ancient Greek Mythology to British Archeologists, giants have fascinated scientists, anthropologists and historians alike.

What is it about giants that we don’t know? The spiritual significance of giants will amaze you. They still exist to this day – that is – in the supernatural realm. Are you battling with fear, defeat, or lack? These are giants of destruction! Through manipulative powers they wreak havoc with vicious attacks. They work as unseen forces behind the making of societies and their involvement in the daily lives of humanity. In Secrets Of A Giant Killer, Dr. Steve Ball exposes the tactics and battle strategies of those giant killers who defeated the evil giants, bringing an awareness and insight for today’s struggles.

You don’t have to be caught off guard! You don’t have to be plagued with vicious attacks! This book is your guide to spiritual freedom and total restoration. Go behind the scenes and discover how to become a giant killer! Get ready…let the journey begin!


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With Adam’s telltale cadence, candor, and gutsy approach, Me Power defines the requirements for powerful living. It explores biblical accounts of people who chose to live the powerful destiny they were born for. Me Power uses scripture to help the reader discover what it truly means and requires to release God’s power in their life.

Discover how the pain we experience in life can be used to propel us to a place called, “destiny”. Embrace a new season, a new vision, and the freedom of living a life without limits. Learn that facing your giants will empower you to move forward in the abundant life you are promised. Because you are powerful. Your life is powerful. Your destiny is powerful. John 4:4 tells us, “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” You are powerful because God‘s power is in you.

So make today the day that you allow God‘s purpose to prevail over your life regardless of how good or bad your past or present may be. Make today the day you walk in the authority to take our life back and regain full control of your destiny. Philippians 4:13 says, “I have strength for all things through Him who gives, ‘me power’”. People, failures, the past, they don’t determine your destiny; your choices do. So choose to do life on a higher level. Choose to release God’s power in your life.


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